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The Pre-Natal Assignment

A Journey Into Your Prophetic Destiny

Self-discovery is the means by which we are able to dig deep into our lives to obtain significance and purpose. No person can reach the zenith of their destiny unless they embark upon a journey that reveals the truth about their genesis. Every ship out in the ocean needs a compass to direct the course of their voyage. Self-discovery serves as the compass that directs the course of life.

You cannot embrace purpose and walk into your destiny without discovering self. Self- discovery takes you beyond your present station to a time before birth when you were first conceived in the mind of God. The beginning of self is before self. Therefore, self can only be discovered if you are willing to go beyond the boundaries of self-reasoning and enter into a realm that challenges you to believe the incomprehensible.

Dr. Angela Rucker addresses very serious questions that speak to the reason for your existence and the very source of your life. She challenges you to embark upon your own personal journey of self-discovery and to recognize that, before you were formed in the womb, you were selected by God and given a particular assignment to carry out in the earth.

The Pre-Natal Assignment exposes real life challenges on the journey to your destiny. It inspires you to dig deeper and to reach higher until you arrive at a place where you discover the truth about who you are, whose you are, and why you were born.

The door to greatness is open to everyone who will carry out their pre-natal assignment. The principles that are intertwined between the pages of this book arrest your soul and change your life forever.